Postulez aux bourses d'excellence PhD et PostDoc du gouvernement Suisse 2024-2025 !

: 30 novembre 2023 pour Madagascar

Voici tous les détails en anglais.

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for 2024-2025 play a fundamental role in the Swiss Government’s worldwide strategy toward research, education, as well as innovation. Switzerland offers scholarships for international students to master’s, PhD, and Post-Doc in Switzerland. However, the grant in research is available for ambitious and self-motivated Ph.D. and Post-Doc students and students of arts. The international Swiss government scholarship is only for a master’s degree. So, students with great ideas and open minds inclined toward cultural exchange must apply for this highly competitive scholarship opportunity.

The Swiss Confederation awards Government Excellence Scholarships in Switzerland each year to foster international cooperation and knowledge exchange in research and the arts. These esteemed international scholarships are open to citizens from over 180 countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Switzerland. By offering these scholarships, Switzerland seeks to enhance its international reputation as a leading player in research culture and innovation (ERI). The main objective of these scholarships is to strengthen ties between Switzerland and other countries by encouraging international collaboration in the fields of research and arts.

Switzerland has established a strong reputation for its educational system, attracting a considerable number of international students to its tertiary institutions. Notably, 113 Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with Switzerland’s educational landscape, demonstrating its academic excellence. Swiss educational institutes consistently rank among the top in global evaluations. The country’s emphasis on long-term sustainable education, research, and innovation is crucial to its success. As a result, creative, innovative, and talented individuals worldwide are encouraged to apply for the valuable scholarships available for international students in Switzerland.

Switzerland’s rich culture and highly advanced lifestyle provide an ideal environment for students to gain confidence and excel in their chosen fields of study. Moreover, the Swiss Government Scholarships for foreign scholars present an exceptional opportunity for students to connect with esteemed university professors in Switzerland and conduct remarkable research. Completing the scholarship tenure fosters a strong sense of community among scholars, creating a collaborative network of alumni who continue to stay in touch. This contributes to promoting global cooperation and a culture of tolerance, which is of utmost importance in the present times. The following article serves as a comprehensive guide, covering two distinct types of scholarships offered through this international scholarship program in Switzerland, along with the associated benefits and application procedures.

Types of Switzerland Government Scholarships

Research Scholarships :

  • Under this program, the applicant has the flexibility to apply in any field of study, and research scholars are permitted to pursue their studies at various esteemed institutions, including universities of applied sciences, Swiss cantonal universities, two federal institutes of technology, and four research institutes.

Art Scholarships :

  • The art scholarships are specifically designed for master’s degree applicants and are available to a limited number of countries. Recipients of the art scholarships can study at any Swiss conservatory or university of arts.
  • Country : Switzerland
  • Financial coverage : Partially Funded
  • Research Fellowship for Madagascar : PhD, PostDoc 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Applicants must secure an acceptance letter from a professor at a Swiss university, necessitating knowledge of the process for obtaining one.
  • For PhD and Post-doc programs, applicants must possess a master’s degree (must be equivalent to a swiss graduate degree).
  • International students applying for master’s program scholarships in Switzerland should hold a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a Swiss bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must be nationals of countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Switzerland.
  • The recipient must be able to move to Switzerland for their studies to qualify for the scholarship.
  • Students residing in Switzerland for over a year are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants who have previously received any other Swiss Government grant are also ineligible.
  • Please note that the eligibility requirements for master’s programs may differ slightly depending on your country of origin. Hence, verifying the specific requirements of each country is crucial.


  • The application process for these scholarships does not involve any processing fee, making it accessible to all eligible candidates without any financial burden.
  • Recipients of the scholarships, whether pursuing a master’s, PhD, or Postdoctoral program, will receive a monthly stipend. This financial support helps cover living expenses during their study or research period in Switzerland.
  • Recipients of the Swiss Government excellence scholarships can study at prestigious Swiss universities and institutions renowned for their academic excellence and research facilities.
  • Being part of the Swiss government scholarships allows scholars to interact with fellow students and researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering international collaborations and valuable networking.
  • PhD and Postdoctoral students benefit from exposure to cutting-edge research and academic resources, contributing to their professional growth and future career prospects.
  • Living and studying in Switzerland provides scholars with unique opportunities to experience Swiss culture, language, and traditions.


  • Signed FCS application form,
  • Two copies of the applicant’s passport,
  • CV with a list of academic publications and awards,
  • A motivation letter of a maximum of two pages,
  • A complete research proposal of a maximum of five pages,
  • Short CV of an academic mentor from home institution,
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation,
  • Photocopies of grade sheets and certificates (in English, German, French or Italian),
  • A signed medical certificate,
  • Copy of the letter from the host professor that confirms why they are willing to support the research & supervise.
  • Two sets of documents : the first set comprises original signed documents, including two recommendation letters (if applicable) attested in English, and the second set is a copy of the first set, excluding recommendation letters.

Application Process

  • To apply for doctoral, postdoctoral, or master’s programs at Swiss universities, applicants must submit separate applications to the universities and the Federal Commission of Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS).
  • Applicants should provide a comprehensive profile and present their research project or artistic work as part of the application.
  • The applicant’s responsible for finding a supervisor from their desired Swiss university.
  • Students applying for Arts scholarship must confirm their country’s eligibility before proceeding with the application.
  • Ensure that all required documents are in English.

Application Deadline

  • The Switzerland Government Scholarship 2024 application deadline differs depending on the country. Submission deadlines will be between September to December. 30 November for Madagascar.


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