Opportunités de bénévolat pour le FIRST Global Challenge 2022

STEM For Good vient de partager le lieu du déroulement du FIRST Global Challenge 2022. Rendez-vous à Genève, en Suisse, en tant que bénévole pour le FIRST Global Challenge, la plus grande compétition de robotique éducative, en octobre 2022.

Si vous êtes à Madagascar, les points suivants vous permettront d'être recommandé(e) par STEM For Good et augmenter vos chances d'être retenu(e):

  • Avoir été mentor ou membre de l'équipe nationale de Madagascar lors des éditions précédentes du FIRST Global Challenge;
  • Avoir un très bon niveau d'anglais parlé et écrit;
  • Être mentor d'un STEM Club et membre de STEM For Good;
  • Faire partie de la Communauté STEM à Madagascar;
  • Être parmi les premiers à s'inscrire comme bénévole.

Voici les détails en anglais :

2022 FIRST Global Challenge Volunteer Opportunities

FIRST Global is recruiting volunteers to fill volunteer positions at the in-person event and experienced robotics teams to join the virtual Global STEM Corps Advisor Team program. If you are looking to make a global impact from home there are options to fit everyone, even if you do not have experience in robotics! International volunteers and teams are welcome, and encouraged, to apply as well. FIRST Global relies on volunteers in order to succeed and provides an invaluable experience for both volunteers and national teams from around the world. 

FIRST Global Challenge Event Volunteers

We are back to having an in-person event for 2022 this October in Geneva, Switzerland. The official event dates are October 13-16, but please note that volunteer dates will start before the official competition. There are a variety of positions, both technical and non-technical, available so anyone can be a volunteer! We have positions ranging from Pit Administrators, who help serve as general information specialists, to Referees who call matches, to Award Judges who interview teams and decide award winners. There are positions to suit everyone's interests and abilities!

Anyone 18 years or older is welcome to apply to be an event volunteer for the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge. Volunteer dates will be longer than the event dates and volunteers need to commit for the full duration of the event, including the volunteer training day. Volunteer dates will be made available when registration opens later this spring. The full list of available positions will also be sent in advance of registration opening later this spring. 

To apply, you will have to register with your preferences when registration opens this Spring. Volunteer positions are decided on a rolling basis. Many positions are competitive and you are not guaranteed to receive your first preference, especially if you apply later.

Global STEM Corps Advisor Team Program

The Global STEM Corps (GSC) Advisor Team program is back for 2022. The GSC will be recruiting Advisor Teams once again! Advisor Teams provide technical assistance by working directly with a FIRST Global national team on a weekly, or as-needed, basis. Most teams meet a minimum of once a week via video call and chat back and forth throughout the week (instant messaging apps are highly encouraged!).

Advisor Teams can be existing FIRST teams (FTC or FRC), university students, or groups of professional engineers. Individuals are encouraged to find 2-3 other individuals to form a group as we do not pair 1 individual with a team. Once ready, our national teams are paired up with one Advisor Team to work with for the duration of the competition season. This process is completed by FIRST Global. You may request a specific team, but this is not guaranteed. FIRST Global national teams have to request assistance and priority is given to teams with no experience first. Language knowledge, specifically Arabic, French, Portuguese and Spanish, is incredibly helpful. FIRST Global teams all have at least one person who speaks English, but some teams do benefit from having a translator.

While each pairing is unique, all Advisor Teams are required to submit short weekly reports on the status of their team even if they did not meet that week. Confirmed teams will be sent a template. 

If your team is interested in joining the GSC Advisor Team program, or you have questions, please email gsc@first.global. Information calls can be requested and scheduled. The official registration system will open later this spring.

How do I receive updates? 

If you are ready to volunteer, you can use this form to sign-up for updates as soon as they become available. Those who fill out this form will receive all volunteer updates as soon as they become available.

For more information on FIRST Global and our programs, please visit https://first.global

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