UNESCO : Les candidatures sont ouvertes pour rejoindre SDG4Youth Network 2021


Les candidatures sont ouvertes pour rejoindre le réseau SDG4Youth, une plateforme créée par le secteur de l'éducation de l'UNESCO pour faire avancer l'agenda SDG4 avec les étudiants comme leaders, partenaires et co-créateurs ! Le réseau SDG4Youth offrira aux étudiants et aux jeunes un espace ouvert et inclusif pour travailler ensemble et contribuer à l'élaboration des politiques éducatives mondiales. La plateforme servira de représentation des jeunes et des étudiants auprès du Comité directeur de haut niveau (CDHN) de SDG 4-Education 2030.

Détails en anglais ci-dessous. 

Why join the SDG4Youth Network?

Led by UNESCO, the network aims to empower the voices of young people in relevant global discussions on quality education for all, and involve youth and students in their roles as advocates and changemakers.

As a member:

  • You will get the opportunity to exchange global-to-local experiences with fellow young activists in education and work together to find solutions to complex social problems in education; 

  • You will gain access to resources and networking opportunities to make your voices heard at major education events;

  • You will get access to training opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills in areas such as advocacy, negotiation, community organizing, facilitation, etc.;

  • Stay updated on latest news and updates on youth and student education issues.


Are you currently working with youth/student organizations that are active in education action/advocacy? Do you meet the following criteria?

  • You are aged 18-29 years old and/or the leadership/decision-making body for your organisation/group is comprised of 51% or more people aged below 30

  • You are actively working to contribute to the Education 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  • Your organisation/group is not for profit

  • Your organization/group has been in existence or active in advocacy and implementation of education issues for a minimum of two years


  • Fill out the application form

  • You may apply on behalf of a registered youth/student entity

  • Selected applicants will be contacted to join the platform in early November

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    Pour plus d'informations, visitez SDG4Youth Network.



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