Volontariat communautaire dans les zones rurales d'Afrique du Sud : enseignement, sports, construction et plus

Pays d'action : Afrique du Sud, Afrique

Type d'activité : Missions humanitaires, en faveur d'enfants et de jeunes, en faveur de femmes, Enseignement

Faites du bénévolat auprès des enfants (enseignement, sports, art) et faites l'expérience de la vie dans une communauté rurale en Afrique du Sud. Vous ferez partie d'un groupe international de bénévoles et améliorerez votre anglais. Vous bénéficierez d'un soutien 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, de la part des chefs d'équipe locaux. Organisation de bénévoles ayant 25 ans d'expérience.

We have been working with communities across Africa and Asia for over 25 years. Our partnerships are long-standing, and we make sure every volunteer can make a positive impact during their volunteering.

Our partner communities in South Africa are located in Philippolis, 2-3 hours from Bloemfontain. You will have the opportunity to live alongside the locals, just as they live.

Volunteer tasks

We work with each one of our volunteers to find out what you are good at to make sure your talents are put to good use on our programs.

Just tell us what you can do and we’ll make sure you have the opportunity to share those skills in a way that will benefit one of our partner communities.

In most cases, you will work in one of the 5 schools of Philippolis.

Options include

• Teaching: English, music, arts and crafts, etc

• Sports coaching

• Art, drama, music & dance

• Building & renovation work

International groups of volunteers

We specialize in volunteering with international groups of volunteers so that you can make new friends from all over the world.

Ideally, you join a group from the beginning for a duration of 5 or even 17 weeks.

But you can also join a group at another date and for another duration (minimum 3 weeks) – just use the contact form and tell us about your plans.

Become part of the community

Each day you can spend some time socialising with the villagers. You might even be taught how to cook Vetkoek (a traditional South African pastry) with some of the local women. This is a great chance to make new friends - they will be keen to talk about where you are from, your family and life at home, whilst you can practice your English or Afrikaans. The more you put into village life and getting to know the community, the more you will understand about this amazing country, and be able to improve your skills.

Improve your English

Talking with the other volunteers, your local colleagues and other South Africans, you will have lots of opportunities to improve your English.

To start, you need to speak English to a level where you can communicate effectively in a group. If you are familiar with the European language framework, that’s at least level B1. With a baccalaureat, you usually have level B1 to B2.

Adventure travel after your volunteering

The volunteer project is followed by an optional 4 weeks period of independent group travel in East Africa, including 24/7 back up from our local representatives.

L’organisation de volontariat se présente

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. Based in the UK and established in 1993, we specialise in small, group-based gap year and summer volunteering projects in Africa & Asia for those aged 17 - 25 years old. You will live with the locals as they live: you will become part of the community! We have had nearly 6,000 people from 30+ countries come with us.

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