Travail à domicile 

Vous souhaitez obtenir un revenu supplémentaire en travaillant à domicile à temps partiel ? Le rôle est de développer un petit nombre de clients réguliers qui passent des commandes. Il n'y a pas de démarchage téléphonique. Les fonctions sont un mélange de marketing, de vente et de service à la clientèle, l'accent étant mis sur le service à la clientèle. Ce rôle consiste à établir des relations avec les clients. Vous pouvez la construire à temps partiel pour qu'elle corresponde à un revenu à temps plein, afin de ne pas avoir à faire de nouveau la navette.

The Company

You will be working alongside the direct selling arm of a multi-billion-dollar company, established in 90+ countries having started in 1980.

Training and Support

A full training and support programme is well established, encompassing online, webinar and seminar trainings.


• Good Social Media skills particularly Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

• Interested in helping others improve lifestyle

• Good at building relationships

• Good at networking with other people

• Able to work without supervision

• Self-motivated

• Independent

• Ambitious

• Keen to learn

To a large extent your background is not important, although experience in Social Media, particularly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter would be an advantage. The main thing is to have the motivation to work without supervision, to have a positive attitude, to be willing to learn and the drive to become successful.

This is an independent income opportunity, not a job or employment. The initial income is based on client orders, but after a month or two provides a consistent income from regular re-orders. It would be ideal to start part-time, but can be developed to provide a full-time income. The bigger and longer-term income is a commission on team members. It is a very International business, so you are by no means limited to the UK

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